Our History

We are grateful for the hand of a gracious, faithful God who, more than 20 years ago now, lead us out from Cape Town to Grahamstown where our ministry began with just a word and a dream, not much experience, not much money but a desire to serve. We see his kindness, provision, training, equipping and leading as we planted and led churches first in Grahamstown and later in East London. It has been an incredible journey pioneering and leading two very different churches which have made a powerful impact in South Africa and abroad. In January 2015 our journey came full circle as we returned to the city where our adventure together began, Cape Town. A lot of things have changed. We left as two students in love but return as parents of four beautiful children. When we went out many things were just untested theories now we have seen for ourselves the goodness and faithfulness of God. We left young, zealous, excited, in love with God and each other now we are older, zealous, excited, in love with God and each other.

While currently on an amazing adventure discovering the fullness of what God has for us in this new season, we are serving the body of Christ in various ways both locally and internationally, including heading up the Cape Town School of Supernatural Ministry. 


Nigel and Debbie travel teaching and releasing apostolic and prophetic grace to raise up leaders and release ordinary Christians to live supernatural lives. They have a passion to see the Kingdom of God come through the dual expressions of revival and reformation, and to see it change Africa and the nations of the earth. Nigel carries a spirit of breakthrough. He purposely focuses on the gold to be found in any situation or person and the contagious atmosphere of freedom and joy surrounding him splashes onto all those around him. He loves to see cultures transformed as the reality of heaven invades earth. Debbie leads people into a supernatural encounter with God through revelation. She is an anointed speaker and loves revealing the heart, character and beauty of the Godhead. She knows that as people more clearly see who God is, they simultaneously come into a greater clarity of their own identity and a freedom to be all God has called them to be.



God has an UNHIDDEN AGENDA. He is looking for a generation who live in the FREEDOM he came to give; a generation who POWERFULLY ADVANCE the Kingdom by LOVING PEOPLE, declaring the GOODNESS of God and actively demonstrating the KINGDOM MESSAGE. Men and women who DEEPLY VALUE His Presence, PURSUE intimacy with Him, and LIVE in the power of the Spirit. This is no ordinary life. This is GOD LIFE. Every day an ADVENTURE. Every day an OPPORTUNITY to change a life and ultimately impact the NATIONS OF THE EARTH. Every day a determination to discover GOD’S heart, to pursue His Presence and to make a DIFFERENCE that comes through no ordinary means, but rather the EXTRAORDINARY. It is the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE – or rather: LIFE as God calls it to be.

Life is an Adventure rooted in the pursuit of knowing and being known by God. Life is a Voyage of Discovery to find our true identity, purpose and uniqueness and revel in the freedom to enjoy & celebrate who God made us, and as a result, others. Life is an Invitation to people and nations to encounter and experience the God of Life in ALL of life.


We are a dwelling place for the manifest presence of God that ignites revival and reformation in our city, country and nations of the earth. It is our desire to equip an apostolic generation who value and pursue the manifest presence of God and advance the Kingdom by loving people, declaring the goodness of God and demonstrating the Kingdom message of ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’.



God began with a family, and so do we. Our family is loving, fun, creative, LOUD, bold, adventurous, passionate, opinionated and (we have been told ) a little bit crazy. We have artists, actors, musicians, dancers, scholars, writers, entrepreneurs and clowns in our midst. It is hardly ever quiet in our home! One of our greatest joys is to do life together and minister with our parents and children. We have a multi-generational vision.