Nigel and Debbie Desmond, young, in love and full of starry-eyed dreams are unprepared for a series of adversities which shake the very foundations of their happiness. Their distress following the miscarriage of their first baby, the un-expected death of a close family member, a disastrous holiday, the sudden onset of panic attacks and surviving a few bomb scares leaves them disillusioned, traumatised and exhausted.As everything shakes around them the things which are truly valuable and meaningful become clear. However knowing the truth and living it out are not necessarily synonymous and so they embark on a remarkable journey of breakthrough and healing to discover and unashamedly embrace the freedom of being authentic and fully themselves. Sharing their hard-earned, astute, perceptions with good humour and gentleness they reveal the discoveries and insights which have helped them navigate into A Beautiful Life.You can objectively share their life story of finding Joy, Holiness, Gratitude, Bliss and Hope by reading this book ... but if you would like to build on your own sure foundation, find peace in your imperfection, feel unconditional love and discover your own joy-filled and free Beautiful Life, Nigel and Debbie will show you how.

It's a Beautiful Life